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Jump Tandem


What limitations apply to tandem skydiving?

What should I wear?

The price of tandem jump includes:

Do I need a medical certificate to take part in tandem skydiving?

No, you don't need a medical certificate.

I would like to take part in tandem skydiving. I have read on your website that the maximum weight to jump is 110 kg? Why is that?

The maximum exit weight of a tandem system cannot exceede 230 kg. The tandem rig weighs around 30 kg. Our instructors weigh on average up to 90 kg. Which means there is 110 kg "left" for the client.

Is tandem skydiving safe?

Only professionals work in JUMP-TANDEM. They did over successful 3000 solo skydives and about the same number of tandem jumps. Many of them are or used to be members of the Czech national team. All of our parachutes have computing security system AAD. This system is able to open the parachute in an emergency. The tandem parachute is also equipped with an adequate reserve parachute.

Has there ever been any injury?

Throughout the existence of our company, there has never been any sprained ankle or scratched elbow during our tandem jumps.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We carefully watch the weather forecast. Should there be bad weather coming, we will always inform you at least a day before your booked time that it has to be cancelled. We will agree on another suitable date. It will never happen that you arrive at the airport full of expectations and there will be nobody there. Due to weather conditions, the parachuting season in Central Europe runs from April to October.

Can I jump with my glasses or contact lenses? I cannot see properly without them and I'm worried I wouldn't enjoy the jump.

Your glasses are not an obstacle. We will lend you protective goggles to wear over your own glasses. These goggles prevent the air flowing into your eyes, so you can jump even while wearing contact lenses.

I have problems with my knees. I'm worried about the landing. I wouldn't want my knees to "pay the price".

There's no need to worry. That's another advantage of experiencing tandem skydiving with professionals – JUMP-TANDEM. Right before the actual landing, the instructor slows down. So the pressure put on your knees is the same as if you walk down a 20 cm tall step. The instructor absorbs any other impacts because he's the first to touch the ground.

For how long is effective the gift voucher which I find the jar called "A Dose of Adrenalin?"

If you purchase the gift voucher between 1st January and 31st March of a calendar year, the voucher is valid until 31st October of that same year.

If you purchase the gift voucher between 1st April and 31st October of a calendar year, the voucher is valid until the next year to the same date as was the purchase.

If you buy the gift voucher between 1st November and 31st December of a calendar year, the voucher is valid until 31st October of the next year.

Is it possible to extend the validity of the tandem skydiving gift voucher?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.




Registration number: 277 05 587
VAT ID: CZ277 05 587

e-mail: tandem@jump-tandem.cz
HOT-LINE: +420 724 175 175

JUMP-TANDEM SkyCentrum s.r.o.
IČ: 241 69 528
DIČ: CZ 241 69 528

Residence, office, shop:

Loosova 262/1
CZ - 638 00, Brno

Mo - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

Dropzone Prostějov
49.4451586N, 17.1306897E

Where can I jump?