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Jump Tandem

Skydive university

Skydive University

For beginners and advanced skydivers who wish to gain experience in FS – Formation Skydiving (RW).

The instructors at JUMP-TANDEM can soon help you to learn how to jump in four ways, eight ways, and even bigger groups. Thanks to this you will get a new perspective of this sport. Skydiving in a group will bring you true pleasure from free fall.


An organized jump: you book one day ahead.
There will be a briefing an hour before the first load which you must attend.
During this hour we will prepare for the day, divide into groups and set the day programme. Then it’s jump-time. We will meet 30 minutes before boarding the plane with all equipment for creepers training. loaded on carts. Than we go to jump. Once we land, we will debreef the jump with our instructor. At the end of each day, we will evaluate the whole day and all jumps.


Tomáš Trunečka
• skydiving instructor, AFF instructor
• 2,000+ jumps, skydiving for 15 years
• ex-member of Czech national team; 2x 2nd place in Czech Championship, 2nd place in Czech Cup, 1st place in MPL 2.

Martin Dlouhý
• UPT, USPA and CCAA tandem instructor, USPA and CCAA skydiving instructor, USPA and CCAA AFF instructor, CCAA AFF examiner, CCAA skydiving examiner, USPA Safety &Training Adviser, cameraman
• 7,000+ jumps, skydiving for 33 years
• an ex-member of Czech national team and Czechoslovak Top-level sports centre




Registration number: 277 05 587
VAT ID: CZ277 05 587

e-mail: tandem@jump-tandem.cz
HOT-LINE: +420 724 175 175

JUMP-TANDEM SkyCentrum s.r.o.
IČ: 241 69 528
DIČ: CZ 241 69 528

Residence, office, shop:

Loosova 262/1
CZ - 638 00, Brno

Mo - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

Dropzone Prostějov
49.4451586N, 17.1306897E

Where can I jump?