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0 Sapphire - s elastickým páskem

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4 080 Kč
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3 372 Kč
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Charakteristika výrobku: 0 Sapphire - s elastickým páskem

Key-features of our altimeters:

All bearings jeweled and will not wear out like brass bearings.
Axles, pinions, springs, needles and screws are made from stainless steel.
All housing parts are made from high strenghts aluminium. 
Filtered air inlet.
Very compact dimensions: 60 mm x 61 mm x 24 mm (without mounting)
Low weight: 0,094 kg (without mounting)
Excellent readable (large dial and pointer in relation to the case-dimensions)
Order options:
Our altimeters can be ordered in any combination of the following features:  
Dial range: 4000 meter, 6000 meter, 12000 feet  
Dial surface: brilliant white or high intensity photoluminescent coating.
Mountings: Elastic handmounting, O-ring handmounting or Velcro wristmounting.
Exteriour housing color: black, blue, red or silver

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0 Sapphire - s elastickým páskem--4 080 Kč