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Tonfly TFX full face

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11 893 Kč
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Charakteristika výrobku: Tonfly TFX full face


TFX is the first Full Face Helmet made by Tonfly, as a result of intense Research and Development.

It is conceived to have the tightest fit and stability possible even at very high speeds.

Crash Rated for:   AFNOR XP S 72-600 Helmets for Skydiving and Windtunnel

                                     EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012, category HPG for AIRBORNE SPORTS

The main reason behind the decision of developing a modular helmet and the flip chin, is simply to being able to fit in it, otherwise would not be possible. Once the helmet is on, is possible to keep just the visor open.

TFX is conceived to have a tight fit that protects until the base of the head and covers all around the neck.

We simply wanted a small, protective helmet, made out of the highest quality materials.

The flip chin also allows to communicate easily without taking off the helmet (For example, quick debriefs between tunnel sessions).


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