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Helma G3

Cena (s DPH):
9 438 Kč
Cena (bez DPH):
7 800 Kč
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Charakteristika výrobku: Helma G3

 Designed to maximize your senses the G3 skydiving helmet provides unbeatable comfort and field of vision. A Polycarbonate visor provides a undistorted view. The V-Mech assures the visor is in place at all times even in the most extreme situations being that in the tunnel or in the air. Cookie's exclusive fastening system makes sure that the helmet wraps evenly around the head without any unnecessary pressure points. The helmet incorporates D3O liner

* All helmets are built to order and leadtime to shipping is generally 5-6 weeks

* If your head measurment is between 56cm to 59cm we strongly suggest testing fitting before making a purchase


ABS Shell
Polycarbonate Visor
V-Mech System
Eleven colors choices
Sizes XS to XXL
Customizable side plates


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